Not long ago, Microsoft announced the upcoming launch of its all-new version of the Edge browser that’s built on Chromium. The launch date for the new Chromium-based Edge browser, January 15, 2020, is almost here, and we on the Browser Security Plus team are ready to provide Edge browser management support for all versions.

How can Browser Security Plus manage the new Edge?


With the beta version of the new Edge already out, users all over the world have been trying out the browser to satisfy their curiosity. And with the January 15th launch of what Microsoft calls the release candidate, the number of users on the new Edge is about to grow bigger. Browser Security Plus will provide IT admins with comprehensive insights on usage metrics of the new browser, along with its health status.


Equipped with the necessary visibility Browser Security Plus provides, IT admins can explore the various new configurations that the Chromium-based Edge supports, and can configure them on users’ computers from one central location. IT admins can also ensure users’ browsers are compliant with STIG and CIS standards.

Extension management

Last month, Microsoft declared that it is no longer accepting new extensions for the current version of Edge and introduced its new extension web store. Users can now add extensions to the new Edge from the web store. With Browser Security Plus, IT admins can create their own repository of mission-critical extensions and distribute them to users from Browser Security Plus’ management console.

We often see news about vulnerabilities in extensions that expose users’ information, or rogue extensions that mine users’ personally identifiable information. With the extension web store being new, we can’t be certain if its extensions are 100 percent secure. With Browser Security Plus, IT admins can discover any malicious Edge extensions and remove them from their networks using the add-on management feature.

New browsers can mean new troubles for IT admins, but Browser Security Plus is here to make things easy. Download a free, fully functional, 30-day trial edition to try out these exciting features!

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