We are excited to announce that ManageEngine has been recognized in three different categories by the Business Intelligence Group in its 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards. It is a moment of pride for us to see two of our solutions, AD360 and Log360, win more awards.

AD360 was declared a winner in the Authentication and Identity category, and Log360 won awards in both the Threat Detection and the Incident Response categories. The Fortress Cyber Security Awards are designed to recognize companies and products that take actionable steps to thwart attacks while staying ahead of the threat landscape.

This has come as a mid-year motivation for us to continue making significant contributions to the IAM and cybersecurity space and to help organizations adapt and respond to the risks that come with the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Remarking on this, our Director of Program Management Manikandan Thangaraj said, “It’s a pleasure to have been recognized yet again for our continuous contributions to the IAM and cybersecurity space. Nine out of every 10 Fortune 100 companies trust us with their IT management and rightly so. The Fortress Cyber Security Awards will serve as a testament to our commitment to a security-first approach and motivate us to continue catering to our customers’ specific requirements to help them steer clear of attacks.”

Our award-winning solutions

ManageEngine AD360

AD360 is an integrated IAM solution that serves organizations’ IT security and access management requirements. It provides a complete suite of tools for managing and securing user identities, facilitating identity governance, mitigating access control risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations. AD360 also helps organizations establish Zero Trust and hybrid IAM, which have now become fundamental requirements given the adoption of hybrid work models.

Besides streamlining IAM processes, organizations also need to focus on fortifying their security postures to keep attacks at bay. With AD360’s critical capabilities, such as adaptive authentication, MFA, SSO, user provisioning, and self-service password management, organizations can address all their IAM needs and stay ahead of threats.

ManageEngine Log360

Log360 is a unified SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities. It also provides incident response management and threat detection features. This is particularly useful in the current threat landscape where insider attacks, ransomware, and other cyberattacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. With Log360, admins can configure workflows and playbooks for mitigating incidents and assign technicians to incidents automatically. This allows the incident resolution status to be tracked continuously and helps mitigate threats.

Log360 also equips organizations with advanced threat detection capabilities, instantly detecting instances of compromise using its powerful threat intelligence system and real-time correlation engine. A wide variety of threats, including insider attacks and ransomware, can be mitigated due to its recognition of known attack patterns. Additionally, Log360 allows IT security teams to set up traps to spot anomalies and expedite the incident response process.

ManageEngine’s security-first approach and expansive range of over 50 products make it the perfect choice for organizations looking to tackle the challenges of the evolving cybersecurity landscape and stay one step ahead of attacks.