ManageEngine year in review 2023

2023 was not just another calendar year; it was a testament to our relentless pursuit of empowering digital excellence in global enterprises. As the sun sets on another remarkable 12 months, we at ManageEngine reflect on a journey marked by innovation, growth, and profound impact.

2023 was all about empowering digital excellence in enterprises

As the world continued its march towards a digital-first future, we embraced this evolution with open arms. Our offices around the globe buzzed with renewed energy, not just welcoming back our dedicated teams, but also heralding a new era of enterprise IT solutions.

Our journey in 2023 was more than just about growth; it was about setting new standards in the industry. It was underpinned by our commitment to digital enterprise excellence, a guiding light that steered us towards innovation and success. From launching new products to expanding our global data centers, we didn’t just ride the wave of change—we became the wave.

The result? A cascade of fresh ideas, streamlined processes, and an agile approach to innovation and enterprise management. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the great things we’ve achieved in the past 12 months.

Blueprints of success

We didn’t just adapt to change; we led it. We went beyond the conventional, reimagining how technology could be harnessed to meet the intricate needs of modern enterprises. Our vision was clear–your success is our blueprint.

This year we enhanced our solutions to address the specific, sometimes nuanced, needs of hundreds and thousands of organizations. Our network path analysis module became a cornerstone for visualizing and optimizing traffic patterns, ensuring peak network performance.

Our unified endpoint management solution marked a significant milestone, protecting more than 200,000 enterprise machines and 1.5 million endpoints from the ever-growing threat of ransomware. This scale of security is a testament to our unwavering commitment to IT management.

The transformation we brought to enterprise experiences was equally remarkable. Managing 23 million endpoints, creating over 80,000 cloud-based custom solutions for end users, and facilitating 3.6 million remote troubleshooting sessions were keys to accelerating IT and reshaping how IT support is perceived and delivered.

And we didn’t stop there. The autonomy we provided through our solutions was groundbreaking. A staggering 456% increase in mobile adoption for our AI-powered monitoring tools, and a 100% increase in the use of our low-code platform, ManageEngine AppCreator, are indicators of an IT landscape that’s more autonomous and empowered than ever.

Navigating the future, today

Among our goals this year and always, one remains crystal clear: to provide solutions that respond to current trends as well as shape the future of enterprise IT. AI and cloud computing have revolutionized our technological landscape and rightfully so. Our advanced ML capabilities have boosted network efficiency for over 51,967 users, processing 20 billion calls for predictive insights.

Meanwhile, our cloud services have soared, serving 7.5 million users in 2023. Simultaneously, our advocacy of the proactive Zero Trust cybersecurity encouraged a 1,500% rise in adoption.

With these and other initiatives, we’ve ensured that security is never an afterthought but is always a fundamental aspect of digital enterprise management.

Evolving solutions for evolving enterprises

In a continued effort to innovate and excel, we’re excited to announce several new product launches and updates that further our commitment to providing comprehensive IT management solutions.

New ManageEngine product launches and updates

  • We launched Identity 360, a cloud-native identity platform tailored to resolve workforce IAM challenges by enhancing security and efficiency.

  • Endpoint Central MSP is now equipped with a cloud-based solution for endpoint remote monitoring and management, reinforcing our dedication to comprehensive IT oversight.

  • The integration of Ask Zia with ChatGPT revolutionized how we generate custom KPI reports, blending AI efficiency with human insight.

  • ADSelfService Plus now includes Offline MFA that bolsters security for remote working environments.

Check out the detailed list of everything new and exciting we cooked up in 2023 at ManageEngine here.

Continuing our journey of excellence and recognition in 2023

As we reflect on this transformative year, we celebrate the milestones achieved and the countless enterprises we’ve empowered on their journey to digital excellence. Here’s a look at a few of the honors we’ve achieved this year:

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2023 was a year where we didn’t just solve IT challenges; we anticipated them, creating solutions that propelled businesses forward into a future where technology is not just an enabler, but a driver of success.

With that, here’s to another great year filled with achievements for you and for us.

Happy 2024!