Business-critical operations rely heavily on network performance. This means there’s a ton of pressure on IT teams to monitor the network effectively. There are numerous aspects to network monitoring, including virtual server monitoring, automation, baseline violation alerting, event logging, availability monitoring, and health monitoring. On top of this, networks are complex, especially when they’re comprised of legacy devices and emerging technologies, different device vendors, and are distributed across various locations.

To get in-depth visibility on their network’s status, some organizations try integrating several different tools together to get all the features they need. But this is often ineffective, because different tools have different metrics and units to measure availability and performance, which makes the information they have to offer challenging for NOC and IT teams to interpret.This is why IT teams need to pick the right network performance monitoring tool with an all-in-one approach that provides all the features they need for their network environment.

What does OpManager have to offer?

OpManager monitors networks out-of-the-box and let’s you customize its functions, so you can get deep analytical data on the device level. OpManager offers everything you need for complete network visibility. To learn about what OpManager can do, check out our quick overview video of OpManager on YouTube:

OpManager is a part of ManageEngine’s ITOM suite of solutions. Apart from network monitoring, this suite also offers solutions for streamlining server monitoring, application monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, configuration management, firewall security and compliance, and IP address and switch port management. This is why ManageEngine’s ITOM solutions are the ideal choice for over one million IT admins worldwide.