Imagine you’re in an IT service desk team facing one of the following situations:

1. A major incident impacts your service availability and brings¬†down half of the world’s websites and services,¬†including some¬†owned by your customers.

2. You’re part of a rapidly growing company and need to onboard¬†one hundred employees a week across¬†different locations and teams.

3. You’re handling a major initiative¬†of¬†trying to move your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

4. You need to roll out an OS upgrade to hundreds of workstations in your company.


If your job is all about managing incidents, onboarding employees, and managing changes, projects, and assets, how do you take best practice ITSM frameworks and apply them to everyday practice?

In our upcoming free ITSM webinar on January 23,¬†2020,¬†our product consultants¬†will discuss the above real-life IT scenarios and the recommended best¬†practices to handle them. We’ll also focus on how to incorporate those best practices into ITSM tools like ServiceDesk Plus by leveraging the right capabilities.

The four scenarios we’ll be discussing include:

  • A flawless approach to handle a major incident that impairs critical services.

  • A streamlined employee onboarding process to cope with the growth of an organization.

  • A minimal-risk change implementation process for transitioning from on-premises models.

  • A five-step ITAM process for an organization-wide OS upgrade.

Register now and take advantage of best-practice ITSM strategies and ManageEngine’s 15 years of ITSM experience to¬†learn how to handle day-to-day IT processes like a pro.



Marketing Analyst | ServiceDesk Plus