Passwords are the virtual keys that protect an organization’s network resources and user accounts from unauthorized intrusions. As such, it’s unsurprising that passwords are major targets for cybercriminals. However, users create weak passwords and reuse them across critical business accounts to avoid password fatigue. This makes stealing passwords the easiest way to get ahold of network resources. After all, hackers only need one current user password to crack into your network and cause havoc.

Proactive is better than reactive

Research shows that 68 percent of data breaches took months or longer to discover. It’s always better to address a security concern before it hits your organization—otherwise, it might be too late. So, what should you do to prevent cybercriminals from stealing credentials? Pair custom password policies with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

 ADSelfService Plus makes security a priority

ADSelfService Plus, an integrated self-service password management and single sign-on solution, allows users to reset their passwords and unlock their accounts for on-premises and cloud applications. To authenticate a user identity during password self-service activities, it enforces powerful authentication techniques including RSA SecurID, mobile app authenticators, and biometrics.

ADSelfService Plus also offers admins advanced controls to implement custom password policies that block users from setting up dictionary words or patterns in their passwords, and more. This ensures users create and maintain strong passwords across their critical business applications. It’s notable that even Microsoft’s default password policy doesn’t support most of these features.

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  • Implementing custom password policies.

  • Enforcing two-factor authentication for Windows access.

  • Enabling MFA for self-service password resets.

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