Desktop Central is bringing a whole new gamut of configurations to your desktops this October. Streamline your mundane, repetitive administrative tasks with customizable configuration templates, deploy custom scripts to your Linux machines, amp up your authentication and security procedures with our Certificate Distribution configuration, and also install fonts of your choice to customize the look and feel of your users’ computers.

New top-notch configurations:

1) Create your own user-defined templates

We’ve made configuration templates even easier to create, customize, and organize. Using user-defined templates, you can now create configuration templates that meet your enterprise or business requirements. Configuring user-defined templates not only saves time, but also ensures that repetitive administrative tasks—like configuring an IP printer for users, creating Wi-Fi profiles, and securing USB devices—are organized and automated.

2) Run custom scripts on Linux machines

Every Linux IT admin has a handful of administrative tasks they have to run, including user management, network management, and memory management. There are many ways for admins who use Windows or Mac to automate these tasks, but not many options for admins who use Linux. If you think automating these tasks like in Windows or Mac would be useful, then custom Linux scripts are just the thing for you. Configure custom script, deploy them to your Linux machines, and simplify your admin routine.

3) Distribute digital certificates seamlessly to multiple endpoints

With Desktop Central, you can now distribute digital certificates to multiple Windows endpoints (e.g. for authentication or securing information on open networks). Using the Certificate Distribution configuration, you can now install a variety of certificates, such as SSL certificates for web browsers and AD CA root certificates used to authenticate users on your Wi-Fi network.

4) Install fonts to enrich the look and feel of end users’ machines

You can now install a myriad of font files to your Windows computers using the Install Font configuration. In the current world of digital design, there seems to be endless choices for fonts, from the normal, conventional looking fonts to fancy and old style ones. Not wanting to stifle the use of so many beautiful fonts, we’ve made it so that administrators can now install unlimited font files on Windows computers. Make it easy for your end users to get the fonts they need by compressing a variety of fonts into a ZIP file and deploying it to their machines.

At Desktop Central, we’ve carefully considered your feedback and requirements and have worked towards these enhancements to take your desktop management to a whole new level. Click here to upgrade to the latest version of Desktop Central. If you’re new, you can learn more about us and our product here!

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