Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but it often unintentionally makes life even more complicated. IT management tools can reign in this complication, but there are often too many tools to choose from, each with their own learning curve. While we’re all thankful for the solutions that software provides for complex issues, here at ManageEngine, we think it’s time IT management got easier. It’s time for an integration revolution. 

Our IT operations management software, OpManager, changes how network monitoring is done by integrating applications and network monitoring—from our other products like NetFlow Analyzer, Network Configurations Manager, and more—into a single, easy-to-use console. But don’t just take our word for it. Calvin Lott (technical lead at the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory) uses OpManager to ease the network monitoring process: “My network guy likes the ability to map and view everything down to the port without a lot of effort. I like to see all services on my servers and see issues. It has a lot of flexibility and I can monitor everything or even add monitoring metrics.” With its vast integration features, OpManager provides users with more visibility and control over their network

At our NYC User Conference this September, our product experts will teach users how to protect their network with OpManager and other secure and unified network tools. Attendees will learn how to use software with physical and virtual server monitoring, flow-based bandwidth analysis, firewall log analysis and archiving, configuration and change management, IP address and switch port management, and more. Instead of using multiple tools to monitor separate network components, OpManager’s unified dashboard makes it easy spot issues and troubleshoot.

With network monitoring, it’s just as important to analyze network bandwidth. At our NYC User Conference, users will learn how to leverage flow technologies with NetFlow Analyzer and gain realtime visibility into network bandwidth performanceNetFlow Analyzer collects and analyzes flows from popular vendors to generate reports on who and what is using up bandwidth. By using a complete traffic analytics tool, users will learn how to better protect their network while ensuring top network performance. 

And since our User Conference is centered around uncomplicating your IT, we’ll be showing attendees the most efficient ways to monitor all of their applications. From application servers, databases, and big data stores, to middleware and messaging components, virtual systems, and more, OpManager’s Applications Performance Management plug-in can provide the coverage your IT needs on an easy-to-use platform

It’s no question that we all need a better way to monitor and control our networks, but what we don’t need is more confusing software. By leaving the nuances of monitoring to us and using an integrated and unified platform, users get the job done better and faster so they can focus on bigger issues. We want to provide the help and education to get you there, so attend our NYC User Conference to get that knowledge first-hand. While we can’t guarantee an end to all of your daily technology woes, we can promise software that uncomplicates your IT.

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