Resolve to be a SysAdmin superhero in 2017

General | January 23, 2017 | 2 min read

The holidays are over, second and third helpings of home-cooked meals long forgotten, and you are slowly getting reacquainted with work. Instead of ushering in the new year with 2016 flashbacks, let’s usher in 2017 by observing your IT colleagues. Can you tell which of them has resolved to be a superhero this year? It’s not that hard, actually. The admins who’ve made superhero resolutions tend to:

1. Bail users out when they’re in trouble.

Does a user’s computer have a virus? They’re there for them. Problems with internet access? They’re right there, again. Getting the blank screen of death? Who are the users going to call, their moms?!


2. Be very helpful.

System administrators strongly believe in helping users out, whether it’s convenient for them or not. The user may have forgotten their password for the millionth time, but the unshakeable moral code within them prevents them from doing what they really want to do—swing a baseball bat at forgetful Fran’s laptop screen repeatedly, until she thoroughly regrets being this absent-minded.


3. Have a deep sense of responsibility.

Whether it’s making sure internet access is not disrupted or protecting users from malware attacks, their sense of responsibility kicks in to guard the employees from problems, much like their cape-wearing counterparts.


4. Be ultra strong.

Have you seen them haul 20 laptops at once? They’re pretty strong!


5. Have a secret identity.

You read that right! They have a secret identity that helps them fit in with us, mere mortals. While they may appear to be just like us, the brain behind that face is brilliant, filled with IT tricks, and whirs at the speed of the Flash! Take a closer look the next time you go to the Clark Kents and Dr. Bruce Banners in your workplace for help.


6. Have their own lair.

With great power comes great server rooms where great work is done. I’m sure they don’t even notice the sub-zero temperatures in there!


7. Be nocturnal.

At 4 AM, when you’re deep asleep, this cape-less system administrator is up and working. Why? Because, keeping your IT environment secure is a 24/7 job.


Did we get all the points right? Isn’t this how your colleagues have been acting over the past month? Now go make a superhero resolution for yourself! After all, superhero admins are needed 365 days a year.

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