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 How secure is your BYOD policy?
The Ipsos-Mori survey found that 73 percent of respondents in the United States are downloading personal software and apps onto corporate-owned tablets. These might be productivity-killing apps, cloud-storage apps or worse. But you knew that, right?

How over-sharing is not caring?
Reaching thousands of customers on Facebook by dashing off a quick sentence and hitting ‘Share’ is both great and powerful — but too much sharing without enough risk management can be bad for business.

When twitter bird got phishing attacks.
A phishing attack, one of the most common and oldest cyber tricks in the book, enabled hackers to hijack and modify the DNS records for several domains, including The New York Times, Twitter and the Huffington Post U.K. Read on to find the consequences.

Does your IT-Pro talk to you when something goes wrong with IT security?
According to Ponemon Institute study, 61 percent of the IT-Pros said they don’t communicate security risk with senior executives, 56 percent said the information is too technical to be understood by non-technical management, and 50 percent said negative facts are filtered before being disclosed to senior executives and the CEO. Read on to find out more.

Its time to take IT security seriously
According to a survey findings, about 60% of IT decision-makers say that there is insufficient time and money available to develop IT security policies. However, a successful targeted attack can cost a company more than £1.5 million in direct financial losses and additional costs. So why are these decision makers not bothered?

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