The Drudgery of Deploying Enterprise Solution

Customer satisfaction through innovation is a way of life in ManageEngine. Normally, deployment of log management (SIEM) solutions of top brands are not so simple. You require a number of files to be downloaded. Innumerable installations, configurations, and tuning etc., to start the deployed application. Often times, without the assistance of consultants it will be impossible to deploy a enterprise solution. To start running the solution and get the desired output, will be a tough task. For IT managers/administrators, deploying any enterprise solution will surely give few sleepless nights.

Escape from the Drudgery!

Embrace  ManageEngine!!

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer deployment for enterprises is a child’s play.

1 – 2 – 3

Deployment in three steps.


Download, install Distributed edition as Admin server in your central office/head quarters. (very few install time configurations).

Run the application.


Send the downloaded file or send the application download link (same file doubles as Admin and Collector server. How Simple!!) and the Admin server details to the geographically remote location (your branch/sub office). Get it installed as Collector server in the remote location (here again, very few install time configurations). Get the Firewalls configured to monitor.

Run the application.

Replicate this step in all remote locations.


Wait for 10 minutes.

Open Admin client UI in a browser. The reports of Firewalls in different parts of the world are there. Check it out.

The Solution: Firewall Analyzer 6 Distributed Edition

The procedure may not take more than an hour, staring from download to report roll out.

No cumbersome downloads. No consultant required. No training required. Minimal configurations. Global deployment can’t get any simpler.

Scalability and feature set exceeds any other enterprise SIEM solution. Distributed monitoring very few have.

Experience it to believe it. Try Firewall Analyzer 6 Distributed Edition.

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