Dev already blogged on our Interop visit but stayed clear off App. Manager leaving something for me to post 🙂 In short, we had a good Interop show in Las Vegas.

We had a lot of people coming to our booth to see the demos of all our enterprise products. We also had lot of people giving some kind words about our products.

Well some of the features people liked in Applications Manager were the Google Map integration, the J2EE Web Transaction Stats and ofcourse the ‘affordability’ of our solution. Did I miss to say even the breadth of applications that we can monitor?

We had many people come and say hey we use xxx or a yyy competitor product for that, that and we shell our $100K to $200K for that. How do you guys come out with this solution for that price!

Well we were sure about one thing, we impressed people this year too with our pricing and breadth of new features.

We also made the first ever ‘in-the-booth’ sale at the Interop. Adam Farkas of Crown Media (Hallmark Channel) won an iPod Nano for buying Applications Manager. Adam, Thanks to you and team ! We just enjoyed every bit of your team’s presence at the booth !