You might be wondering, how to start Applications Manager when Linux boots (akin to starting Applications Manager as service in Windows).

Well, you have to make certain modifications. Follow the steps given below:

In Linux, when the machine boots, the following file is called


You can add the following entry in this file to start the Applications Manager when the machine boots.

su -c “nohup sh <APPMANAGER-INSTALLEDDIRECTORY>/AppManager6/ & ” <User in which Applicatios manager is installed>

For example,

su -c “nohup sh /advent/Aug2/AppManager6/ &” susan

Whenever you restart the machine, Applications Manager will also start automatically.

Also, you have to add the following as first line of file


For eg., cd /advent/Aug2/AppManager6/



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  1. bom

    am use Linux Server
    am use commend


    can’t to start services

    plesase answer for me

    • Hi,

      Useful update from a customer on above post on How to start Applications Manager when Linux boots (like starting Applications Manager as service in Windows) ?

      1.)If you run the script from rc.local it puts the nohup.out file there (file is created where the script is run), so instead I created a file in …/ManageEngine/AppManager10/ called


      cd /home/criticalstart/ManageEngine/AppManager10/

      su -c “nohup sh &” root

      2.)I then called this file in rc.local

      Su –c “sh /home/criticalstart/ManageEngine/AppManager10/” root

      This works fine, and puts the nohup.out file where it belongs.

      3.)Also make sure you place the below lines in script before the line “if [ $# -eq 1 ]” to ensure safe start-up.

      ./ -force
      sleep 30
      echo “Shutdown Successfully done”
      mv logs old_logs_`date +%y%m%d_%T`

      Thanks & Regards,
      Paul Jacob