Microsoft Exchange Online allows users to communicate and work from anywhere at anytime without having to dedicate resources to maintain an on-premises Exchange environment. While Microsoft focuses on maintaining continual uptime, organizations are still responsible for backing up their Exchange Online data; if they need to perform any recovery operations, they won’t find any help from Microsoft.  Features like geo-redundancy go a long way in making sure that site or hardware failures don’t result in downtime, but they don’t offer protection against accidental deletions or insider threats.

One way to make sure your critical Exchange Online data is secure is by using a backup and restoration solution. RecoveryManager Plus provides backup and granular restoration capabilities that can help you gain control over your Exchange Online environment.

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can:

  • Back up all aspects of a mailbox, including emails, calendar entries, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks.

  • Restore backed-up mailboxes to the same mailbox, to a different mailbox, or even to a mailbox in a different tenant.

  • Restore an entire mailbox to a backed-up state or even restore individual items such as a single email or a calendar event from a backup.

  • Define a retention period for your Office 365 backups, and discard backups that have exceeded it.

To learn more, visit our web-hosted online demo, or download your free 30-day trial of RecoveryManager Plus and try these features out yourself.