One of Aesop’s greatest fables, titled ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’, teaches us a priceless lesson for life – it is best to be prepared for the future. While the grasshopper makes merry dancing and singing during summer, the ant diligently stashes away every bit of food it can save. Come winter, the grasshopper finds itself starving to death while the ant survives on the food it had stored during summer. 

Sadly, this valuable lesson tends to be easily overlooked in an organizational environment. Active Directory is used by more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Day in and day out, the Active Directory environment is managed impeccably with great control and ease. Yet, when the time comes, a backup is sorely missed and this costs the organization millions. This could happen to your organization too!

To truly understand the impact this may have, we asked our customers how valuable their Active Directory data is to them and the problems they faced when they lost their data. The findings present a grave situation. Read the attached infographic for more details. 

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The survey has revealed that 44% of our customers face accidental deletion or modification of Active Directory data. This is organizational, sensitive data we are talking about! About a third of our customers (32%) identify the cause as an accident, 23% identify the cause as hardware failure and 15% say that it happens because of a software error. We are just as alarmed as you are because this brings down productivity drastically. Restoring Active Directory changes is no piece of cake either, the most difficult being restoring object attributes. 

This shows a compelling need to regularly backup Active Directory changes at each level in the domain, effectively manage versions of backups and perform restoration effortlessly. A backup stored at a secure and trusted location locally or externally is an assurance that your organization can rest on.

ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus is just the answer you are looking for. RecoveryManager Plus offers backup and recovery solutions with both on-premise and on-demand options and comes packed with features.

Don’t make the mistake the grasshopper made. Be prepared.

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