While Office 365 lets you work from anywhere around the globe, the management features it provides are often insufficient. When an organization is spread across multiple countries, it’s difficult for one administrator to single-handedly manage every user and mailbox.

Having a couple of administrators in different regions helps overcome time zone issues, but it can also lead to chaos when multiple people take the reins. To resolve this, Office 365 introduced the delegation feature, which allows you to delegate admin rights to technicians without giving them full access to Office 365.

Office 365 allows admin delegation, but with some limitations. For instance, you can only delegate technicians default roles in Office 365, such as password administrator, Exchange administrator, Skype for Business administrator, etc. You can’t customize those roles based on your needs. O365 Manager Plus, our reporting, management, auditing, and alerting solution for Office 365, lets you fine-tune help desk delegation in a way that fits your organization.

Highlights of O365 Manager Plus:

Cross-tenant delegation: You can configure more than one Office 365 tenant in O365 Manager Plus, or delegate the rights of one tenant to another to make sure critical tasks are always taken care of. For example, if one tenant is unavailable and can’t complete their license management tasks, delegate their rights to another tenant to avoid discrepancies.

Domain-based delegation: If there are multiple domains in your organization, you can create roles with domain-specific tasks. Having domain-based admins can help you keep a closer eye on your domain.

Attributelevel delegation: Attributelevel delegation lets you delegate tasks to users without losing control of your Office 365 setup. Admins are often skeptical about delegating admin rights to users, as things can get out of hand if not properly monitored. To assuage these fears, O365 Manager Plus lets you delegate particular tasks rather than giving a person full admin rights.

Security delegation: Assign security-related tasks such as password resets, account unlocks, blocking users, etc. to one user so they can help keep an eye on your Office 365 environment. Once you’ve created a role with all the right security-related tasks, delegate that role to a trusted technician to make sure your setup is running smoothly.

Non-admin delegation: Create and delegate roles to non-admin users. You can delegate miscellaneous tasks such as resetting passwords, changing contact details, etc. to trusted users to reduce help desk tickets. For example, you can delegate the right to update employee details to your organization’s HR manager.

Customized roles: In O365 Manager Plus, you’re not limited to default roles. Create custom roles according to your needs. Select any combination of management, reporting, auditing, and alerting tasks to create a role. There’s no limit to the number of roles you can delegate to a technician, which provides flexibility when delegating admin rights to users.

Technician audit log: Track what a technician did with their delegated rights. For example, find out which Active Directory objects they created, modified, and deleted, which reports they generated, which alerts they created, and more. View the time and status of each operation the technician completed as well.


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