Cloud technology has a significant place in today’s IT industry because it allows people to work on the go. When it comes to cloud-based, collaborative working platforms, Office 365 is the go-to solution. However, there are still major concerns when it comes to cloud-based technologies. Security threats such as data breaches, service and account traffic hijacks, and denial of service attacks make users skeptical of adopting this technology. O365 Manager Plus is positioned to quell these concerns and to maximize how you use Office 365. 

O365 Manager Plus has exhaustive reports on Office 365 services that provide granular details to help you keep your Office 365 setup in check. After undergoing a revamp, O365 Manager Plus now has Office 365 management, auditing, and alerting features to solve all your security concerns. 

Effortless Office 365 management 

For large enterprises with huge workforces, managing user accounts is an arduous task. Native Office 365 management features sometimes prove inadequate when it comes to performing bulk management tasks. With O365 Manager Plus, you can handle mailboxes, users, contacts, licenses, and more in bulk.

 O365 Manager Plus’ management features offer:

  • Password management: Reset passwords in bulk to substantially reduce the amount of time you spend resetting users’ passwords.

  • User management: Perform other bulk user management activities, like user permission changes, attribute changes, and more, eliminating the need to pick users individually for each task.

  • License management: Add or remove licenses in bulk to simplify license management.

  • Group management: Configure groups in bulk and control whether they receive internal or external emails.

  • Mailbox management: Configure mailbox auto reply settings and schedule custom, automatic messages to be sent to specific users.

 Advanced auditing

 With O365 Manager Plus, you can keep an eye on every event happening in Office 365 to ensure security and compliance. When compared to the native auditing features in Office 365, O365 Manager Plus has some distinct advantages.

 Advantages of O365 Manager Plus over native Office 365:

 Long-term historical data: In native Office 365, there are limits to how long you can retrieve historical data based on the data being audited. O365 Manager Plus stores audit data indefinitely to maintain complete records.

  • Real-time auditing: Instead of gathering the associated data for reports each time an audit log is generated, like in Office 365, O365 Manager Plus keeps audit reports updated in real time.

  • Profile-based auditing: Instead of having to peruse the entire list of audit reports to find the right one (as is required in Office 365), O365 Manager Plus lets you create your own profiles so you can view only those audit details you need to see.

  • Group-based auditing: While auditing Azure Active Directory, O365 Manager Plus lets you generate reports for user activities based on group membership. Native Office 365 is not able to audit based on group membership.

  • Advanced filtering: In native Office 365, you can only filter logs based on certain attribute values. With O365 Manager Plus, filter your logs based on any attribute and perform multi-valued searches as needed.

  • Custom views: While Office 365 doesn’t support custom views, with O365 Manager Plus you can create your own custom views to see only those attributes you have selected.

  • Business hours auditing: Office 365 doesn’t support restricted time frame auditing, but O365 Manager Plus lets you retrieve audit details based on business hours or a specific period of time.

  • Export data: In native Office 365, you can only export data to CSV. But in O365 Manager Plus, you can export audit data to PDF, XLS, HTML, or CSV.

 Customized alerts

Can your current Office 365 monitoring setup keep an eye on user activities even while you’re away? O365 Manager Plus can! With customized alerts for each Office 365 feature, O365 Manager Plus keeps tabs on malicious activity so you don’t have to constantly check audit reports.

 O365 Manager Plus’ alerting feature lets you:

  • Create custom alerts for specific actions.

  • Retrieve a list of all alerts, along with details on who created the alert, its severity level, and its alert message.

  • Specify which conditions need to be met to audit an event. For example, you can designate “who should perform what action on who.” You can also select entire groups as targets or callers.

  • Create your own custom alert messages for multiple email addresses.

  • Help administrators locate the source of an issue by emailing them about which action triggered an alert.

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