The amount of data generated worldwide is set to exceed 200 zettabytes by 2025. A cybercriminal knows no rest, and this ever-increasing data pile gives them a goldmine of opportunities.

The governments of numerous countries, including Australia, have realized the importance of good cyberdefense policies and have recommended that organizations follow certain guidelines and safeguards. The Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) sent out a key alert on its official website urging all Australian organizations to prioritize cybersecurity and immediately improve their security posture.

One of the key measures the ACSC suggests to help organizations defend their systems and data more effectively is to implement the Essential Eight cybersecurity controls. Deploying a unified and comprehensive SIEM solution can help organizations implement these controls.

To help you stay ahead of these hackers and protect your enterprise systems from data breaches, we have come up with an e-book that will help you easily implement all eight cybersecurity measures.

 The e-book, called Essential Eight Explained, examines:

 The Essential Eight framework and its structure.

  • The Essential Eight maturity model.

  • Mapping the Essential Eight maturity model with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • How a SIEM solution can help you comply with the Essential Eight framework.

Easily achieve Essential Eight compliance with a SIEM solution like Log360. Let it do the work for you while you handle security tasks that require your undivided attention.

We’ve also included a bonus chapter that examines in detail how you can map the Essential Eight Maturity Model with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. To get a glimpse of what this is about, you can check out our blog. Looking for more in-depth details? Download our e-book here to get started.