ManageEngine’s Log360 was recently honored with the CybersecAsia Award for the Best User and Entity Behavior Analytics software application. The award certifies the important role, and the innovative technology brought to the table by Log360 over the past two years.

Elevated cybersecurity risks currently experienced by organizations have driven the sudden adoption of the cloud and increased workforce mobility. Sophisticated attack techniques and misconfigurations in on-premises and cloud environments enhance the chances an organization will suffer a cyberattack or data breach. A cybersecurity risk to an organization can emerge from internal or external threats.

ManageEngine Log360 comes with a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) add-on that automatically helps detect anomalies, advanced persistent threats, account compromises, and data exfiltration. This machine learning-based add-on evaluates unsupervised learning algorithms to first baseline the normal behavior and then detect any deviations from it. Further, this add-on combines risk scores with every detected anomaly to triage incident resolution.

This CybersecAsia award recognizes the efforts of dedicated individuals who help prevent cybersecurity threats with their engineering and project work.

ManageEngine’s Log360 secures your organization against cyberattacks. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a free demo with our product expert.

Terence Morais
Product Marketing Specialist