We are excited to share that ManageEngine’s Log360 has been awarded the 2020 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Threat Detection. The Business Intelligence Group’s unique scoring system measures performance across multiple business domains. 

With threats on the rise, cybersecurity should not be restricted to the confines of business modules or operating hours; organizations need to watchful about cybersecurity around the clock. Threat detection solutions are designed to reveal network issues, failures, intrusions, and attacks by processing massive amounts of event data, and analyzing it to find patterns and incidents that require immediate attention. Organizationsneed the right tools to automatically identify and respond to threats in real time to be immune to cybersecurity threats. 

Log360 automates the process of auditing system logs, provides instant threat notification, reports on weak points in a network, traces the starting point of an attack with the log forensic module, and tracks the status of raised activities in the incident management module.

The 2020 Fortress Cyber Security Award attests to Log360’s ability to provide real-time log collection, analysis, monitor correlation, and archiving capabilities that help protect confidential data, thwart insider attacks, and combat external attacks. The award also recognizes the accomplishments of dedicated individuals who monitor and help prevent cyberattack threats through their engineering and project work. 

Shield your organization from cybersecurity attacks with ManageEngine Log360. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a free demo with a product expert to get your questions answered.

Terence Morais
Product Marketing Specialist