The top 3 drawbacks to Microsoft password policies

We have all been living with the Microsoft password policy solution for many years now. It has sufficed, for the most part, untill now, due to password security requirements. There are distinct drawbacks with the Microsoft solution that all corporations …

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Microsoft password notification weaknesses? Solved.

Have you ever heard these comments about the Windows password expiration notifications?

          I never saw the password notification “bubble.”

          The balloon notification doesn’t display on most users’ workstations.

          A very easy-to-miss bubble hovers there for a few

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User shortcut for ADSelfSerivce Plus

Users are often technically challenged when it comes to navigating computers or networks. When ADSelfService Plus is up and running, users can help themselves. That self-service help, however, isn’t always easy to get. If users want to access ADSelfService Plus …

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Notifying mobile users that their password is expiring

I know I’m not alone on this one. I travel a lot, and I always hated when my password expired while I was traveling, but I wasn’t notified. Sure, there is a notification built into Windows, but that only shows …

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Help Desk-Assisted Password Self Service – The Best of Both Worlds

Password self-service solution is a godsend for businesses reeling under the huge volume of password reset and account unlock calls to the service desk.  Empowering end users to solve their password problems can reduce help desk workload and the

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Password Syncing: A Remedy to the YAUP Syndrome

Gone are the days  when users worked on a single IT system.  Users today have mastered the art of working with different IT platforms, thanks to the proliferation of apps across  platforms and the urgent need to adapt to technological …

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