Businesses adopt a swarm of applications like G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce to help employees work more efficiently. This may not always fare well for end users, especially when the number of adopted applications is high and users have to remember multiple passwords. The heavy workload of ensuring all password-related tickets are resolved ends up falling on IT administrators. Reducing the number of passwords users have to remember can improve both end users’ and administrators’ productivity.

Enabling Active Directory-based single sign-on (SSO) saves both end users and administrators time and cuts down on IT service costs for the entire organization. A good SSO solution should provide the right balance between security and ease of access; it should also empower administrators to customize SSO access.

ADSelfService Plus is an enterprise SSO solution that provides users with seamless, one-click access to cloud applications. It allows end users to access all their cloud applications with just one identity.

Here’s why ADSelfService Plus is a spot-on SSO solution:

Power to administrators

Administrators can decide which users get to use SSO. They can also granularly control which applications each user has access to based on that user’s OU or group membership and additional Active Directory attribute filters. That way users from the sales OU can only access applications related to sales, such as Salesforce, and so on.

Flexible account linking

When it comes to account linking, administrators can choose from many user attributes or even use their organization’s custom Active Directory attributes.

Multi-factor authentication

Administrators can choose to use one or all of ADSelfService Plus’ authentication mechanisms, including Duo Security, RSA SecurID, a smart card, RADIUS, an SMS or email-based verification code, and Google Authenticator. Despite enabling easy access to applications, each additional authentication factor ensures stern security.

Support for industry standard (SAML 2.0) applications

Apart from supporting SSO for over a hundred applications, ADSelfService Plus also supports any application that works on SAML 2.0. Whether it’s an application developed within the organization or a third-party service provider’s app, if it works on SAML 2.0, ADSelfService Plus has you covered.

Multiple configuration support for each application

Managing user accounts effectively in a large organization requires multiple administrators. Even for the same service provider application, different end-user accounts fall under the scope of different administrators. In such cases, an SSO solution should provide multiple configuration support to facilitate the use of different self-service policies—which is exactly what ADSelfService Plus does.

Want to know more? Get your hands on our SSO resource kit.

What’s more?

ADSelfService Plus supports SSO for both service provider (SP) and identity provider (IdP) initiated login. Whether a user logs in directly to ADSelfService Plus or accesses the service provider application by URL, secure and easy access is always spot-on.