Changing your password periodically is vital and helps prevent hackers from accessing your network resources and inflicting damage. If users fail to change their passwords when prompted for security reasons, they get locked out of their accounts, and a substantial amount of unproductive time is spent by users waiting for an IT administrator to attend to the problem. According to a survey conducted by Widmeyer, each employee loses $420 worth of productivity each year, and Forrester Research notes that it costs $70 in IT help desk labor to reset each password.

Employees may forget to change their passwords on a Windows OS when they have Active Directory (AD) accounts for virtual private network (VPN) or Outlook Web Access, or not notice the password expiration notification due to their busy work schedule.

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 What can ADSelfService Plus’ Password Expiration Notifier accomplish?

Prepare comprehensive audit reports:

Audit reports contain detailed reports on the delivery status of password expiration reminders. The report can be exported to various formats such as PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML, or CSVDE.

Create OU- and group-based policies:

Schedule and decide who receives the password and account expiration notifications. Policies can be created based on the AD domain, organizational unit (OU), and group memberships.

Customize messages:

Personalize emails, SMS, and push notifications to notify password expiration. Instructions and images can be added to the messages.

Automate account expiration reminders:

IT admins can automate the process for sending password and account expiration notifications. These alerts can also be configured to advise managers about their direct reports’ password and account status.

Configure time-based notifications:

Send out password and account expiration notifications at regular intervals so reminder responses can be tracked and further action can be taken as necessary.

Deploy with ease:

ADSelfService Plus’ Password Expiration Notifier can be set up within a few seconds. It uses the existing default domain password policy, therefore it does not change the AD or group policy infrastructure.

Once ADSelfService Plus’ Password Expiration Notifier is installed, the number of help desk calls will be reduced, detailed reminder delivery reports can be generated, and better compliance with PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations is achieved.

Download ADSelfService Plus’ Password Expiration Notifier now for free. We also provide a suite of 20 free Active Directory tools to help you manage your AD environment.