Today, the process of digitization has become synonymous with progress and innovation. As organizations embrace digital transformation post-pandemic, the importance of securing your digital assets cannot be overstated. It is crucial to keep up with the cyber risks and protect your organization.

The core of your operations lies within your Active Directory (AD), as it manages user identities, permissions, and access controls. At ManageEngine, we understand the importance of securing your AD environment. Which is why we’re excited to offer you a free AD cyber risk assessment!

In this blog, we will further delve into the significance of cyber risk assessment and why taking this proactive step is crucial for the security of your data.

What is a cyber risk assessment?

According to Gartner, cyber risk is defined as “the possibility of an unplanned, negative business outcome due to failures or misuse of information technology.” A cyber risk assessment is a process to identify the vulnerabilities in your IT environment that could be affected by a cyber attack. This is critical because it helps organizations take preventive measures for threat mitigation.

Why do you need a cyber risk assessment?

  • It helps you keep an eye on the security gaps in your IT systems and address any security misconfigurations.

  • You will understand potential threats and how to take preventive measures before they affect your AD environment.

  • You will be able to maintain compliance regulations and security policies.

  • It will improve your organization’s overall cybersecurity program with a detailed cyber risk assessment.

AD risk assessment

Now that you have understood the importance of a good cyber risk assessment, the next step is to assess your AD environment and ascertain how secure you are. Take our free AD security assessment and easily evaluate your online vulnerabilities. You can also get personalized strategies to fortify your digital defenses.

What do you get out of our free security assessment?

  • A risk score that determines how your AD environment fares when it comes to cybersecurity.

  • Immediate remediation actions to mitigate potential cyber threats.

  • Suggestions to secure your AD environment for a safer tomorrow.

  • A better understanding of your organization’s health and security status.

  • A comprehensive list of risk indicators along with their severity and risk exposure levels.

  • A detailed risk assessment report that our cybersecurity experts will help you interpret.

Are you ready to take action? Don’t wait for a cyber incident—take charge of your organization’s safety today. Register for the live AD risk assessment now!