Replicate information between domain controllers (DCs), identify the roles assigned to the domain controllers in your Active Directory (AD) environment, and monitor your domain controllers based on the parameters you require with the following free tools.

 AD Replication Manager

When you have more than one DC, you typically use replication to make sure the information is synchronized across all DCs. When you make a security-related change in one DC, you need to make sure that the change is replicated on other DCs as well.

Now, you can either wait for the scheduled replication to occur, or manually replicate the changes immediately. It’s usually recommended that you replicate the security-related change as soon as possible.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus’ Active Directory Replication Manager is a free tool that enables IT administrators to force the replication of data in a domain or the entire forest. This PowerShell cmdlet tool can enable replication of data between two DCs, and generate comprehensive reports on the last replication of AD data.

Using AD Replication Manager, you can:

  • Manually replicate AD data in a domain or the entire forest.

  • Replicate data between selected DCs, ensuring data consistency across DCs.

  • Generate lists of information on the last replication across all connections, neighbors, and partitions.

Domain and Domain Controllers Roles Reporter

Identification of DC roles helps IT administrators make the best use of their servers. ManageEngine ADManager Plus’ Domain and Domain Controllers Roles Reporter is a free tool that helps list the DCs and their corresponding roles in the domain, all in one easy-to-view list. This tool can also identify any associated role of a DC.

DC Monitor

This tool is another essential free tool from ManageEngine ADManager Plus that helps IT administrators auto-discover the domain and display various important details such as:

  • CPU utilization

  • Disk utilization

  • Memory utilization

  • Page reads per second

  • Page writes per second

  • Page faults per second

  • Pages input per second

  • Pages output per second

  • File writes

  • Handle count

  • Interrupt time

DC Monitor can display all the above parameters in a single, easy-to-view window.

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