Creating a CSV file containing all the required attributes of your entire workforce to perform bulk actions is not only time consuming, but often error-prone. On top of this, Active Directory’s (AD’s) native LDAP query interface is not very user friendly. Are you looking for a better solution? Look no further—ManageEngine offers a number of free tools to help increase your productivity.

Why leverage these kinds of tools?

To help you eliminate the grunt work.

 CSV Generator Tool

Manually preparing a CSV file with a comprehensive array of attributes to perform a bulk action can be difficult. ManageEngine’s CSV Generator Tool is a free tool that can help you with efficient Active Directory management. This tool takes a simple CSV file containing only sAMAccountName and generates a detailed CSV file containing a customized array of user-specified attributes and corresponding Active Directory values.

Active Directory Query Tool

When you need data from Active Directory, typically you get it by supplying LDAP queries. However, the default LDAP query interface is complex and not user friendly. ManageEngine’s AD Query Tool presents an easy-to-use GUI for querying Microsoft Active Directory from a simple interface.

AD Query Tool prerequisites:

  • The user needs to posses basic LDAP scripting knowledge.

  • The tool must have access to the domain on which LDAP query is used.

Advantages of the AD Query Tool:

  • Helps the user search for domain users and domain objects.

  • Queries AD and displays intuitive reports on email data of users in the domain.

  • Displays email data of users in the domain in an easy-to-read format.

  • Easy to install and get started querying your AD.

  • Helps the user query AD for group and computer object details.

  • Allows the user to choose AD attributes to display for any generic LDAP query.

 Download the CSV Generator Tool and the AD Query Tool now for free, and check out our full suite of 20 free Active Directory tools to help you manage your AD environment.