In our last release of the PowerShell security series, we talked about how PowerShell could be leveraged by malicious actors to gain unprecedented access to your organization’s critical assets. From enumerating sensitive domain information and carrying out credential-based attacks to running malicious executables in memory (file-less malware), we shined a light on the potential of PowerShell and why it’s an ideal weapon for cyber attackers today.

So what can us blue teams do? How can we help safeguard our organization against PowerShell abuse? After realizing that the threat of PowerShell-based attacks is imminent, we took up the mammoth task of developing a defense strategy. Considering the scope of PowerShell and the wide range of attacks that come with it, it wasn’t easy, but the wait is over!

Check out our next release in the PowerShell security series to put yourself in the attacker’s shoes, and build a strong foundation of defense against malicious PowerShell use. Shields up!