Insider threats are both the most successful way to exfiltrate sensitive business data and the hardest cyberattack to detect. This is because these attacks are carried out using legitimate credentials, machines, and access privileges. Simple perimeter defense or rule-based monitoring proves ineffective in detecting insider threats.

Organizations and IT administrators are turning to user behavior analytics (UBA) to tackle insider threats from accidental, malicious, and compromised users. UBA leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to track unusual user behavior that could potentially be damaging. This is done by analyzing user behavior patterns over a period of time and creating a baseline of each user’s activity. When a UBA solution detects deviations from the user’s normal behavior, it alerts administrators.

Complementing your SIEM solution with UBA adds new analytics capabilities that enhance your existing threat detection footprint and better equip you to avert a potential breach. Our white paper—Streamlining threat detection through user behavior analytics—discusses in detail how traditional security tools fall short in thwarting insider threats, malicious or otherwise, and how UBA is the ideal solution for organizations of all sizes.

Find out more about UBA in our white paper.