Putting an end to those repeated alerts..

Author: Nithya Chandar

Do you keep receiving email alerts for that default SSID being used or that the EAP is disabled? Are you frustrated by the repeated alerts you get? Here’s the simple way out..You can very well instruct your …

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If you want to upgrade WiFi Manager 4.2.1 to 4.3, email us!

The patch to upgrade from 4.2.1 to 4.3 is available. If you would like to get this patch and if you are running 4.2.1 (Build 4210 and Build 4211), please send us an email to support@wifimanager.com. We will send …

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Three Clicks And You Blocked That Rogue Access Point

Let me show you how –

1. Click on the Inventory tab in WiFi Manager.

2. Rogue Access Points are detected by the symbol next to the “Name”. Click on the Rogue Access Point, you want to block and you …

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Wireless-N’.. are you ready?

Author: Nithya Chandar

It looks like the 802.11n is now somewhere, everywhere but nowhere. While it is not yet officially declared as the final word, the last few months seem to have had enough grapewines buzzing about the IEEE ‘s …

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Supported Access Points – Easier Access

WiFi Manager 4.3 supports more than 70 models of access points from 17 vendors. If you would like to check whether your model is supported, go to


We have segregated the level of support that WiFi Manager provides for …

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WiFi Manager 4.3 is finally out there

After a flurry of activity through the day (and night), we have finally made it. ManageEngine WiFi Manager4.3 is hot off the press and ready for download.

The download link is http://manageengine.adventnet.com/products/wifi-manager/download.html

Key feature highlights in the new release:

– …

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This is wild!

Some of you (at least) must be wondering why there have not been any posts from this team. Well, as I mentioned in the earlier post, we are working on the next release – WiFi Manager 4.3. And people …

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Cruising at 35000 ft ? You can still be online !!!

Author: Siva

Unwinding from business and escaping into a internet free world when on flight can be a thing of past. Now we have Hotspots in the Sky!!!!!!!

Thanks to Singapore Airlines and Connexions, I was able to experience inflight …

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Wireless Australia::Photos

Here are a couple of photos of us at Wireless Australia 2006.

Here you will see the wide-screen TV showing WiFi Manager live, the backdrop that shows the various solutions of AdventNet under the ManageEngine umbrella, list of customers on …

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