Wireless-N’.. are you ready?

wifimanager | April 26, 2006 | 1 min read

Author: Nithya Chandar

It looks like the 802.11n is now somewhere, everywhere but nowhere. While it is not yet officially declared as the final word, the last few months seem to have had enough grapewines buzzing about the IEEE ‘s 802.11n! The 802.11 legacy had techniques defined by b,a, and g as amendments to the original standard, and it was later enhanced with 802.11i. Other standards in the family (c?f, h?j, ) are service enhancements to previous specifications.

In 802.11n, data throughput is estimated to reach a 540M bit and estimated to be 10 times speedier than the earlier a’ or g’ standards. More promises to support all platforms like consumer electronics/personal computing etc in all environments like hotspots, enterprises or the homeusers are what 802.11n seem to have in store.

While the latest addition to the Pre-802.11n market are Linksys with their broadband routers and wireless notebook adapters, who will closely follow Buffaloe Technologies, Netgear,Dlink in the list are still a hot prediction as everybody seems to be waiting for the standard to settle into the real world. Any futurists out there…?