Problems with your VoIP?

VQManager | December 26, 2007 | 1 min read

Echoes, garbled voices, static, disturbances, humming….?

So you’re frustrated with your VoIP quality and all ready to speak to your ISP/VoIP provider about the poor call quality. Here are a few quick solutions/checks just before you vent out your frustrations..

  • Is your Adapter(ATA) too close to your router? Give a good distance, say 3 feet, and check if that solves the garbled voices.
  • Simply unplug and plug back your phone/adaptor/router to check if its static that’s causing all the occasional pops and clicks. Else get your electrician to check the grounding for your hardware.
  • Place your phone and its cable wiring away from any power sources to get rid of any background ‘humming’.
  • Try use another phone and check if the voice quality is the same. Could be you have a faulty equipment eg. issues with the frequencies used by particular phones or internal electrical feedback in the phone.

Still not solved? Pick up another phone and call up customer service.. You might want to download a VoIP Quality monitoring software and give that Customer Service Representative a few quick VoIP QoS(Quality of Service) stats too 😉