ManageEngine VQManager Distributed Edition Released

Monitor your geographically distributed VoIP deployment

ManageEngine releases new Distributed Edition of VQManager-version 7.0 which is highly scalable for mid and large Enterprises and Service Providers with geographically distributed locations.

VQManager Distributed Edition is built on a Central –

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VoIP industry leaning towards SIP

The latest VoIP market trends show a strong inclination towards SIP(Session Initiation Protocol). It is definitely encouraging to see the VoIP industry converge toward a common standard to get rid of all the interoperability problems and pass on the true

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Know why VoIP calls failed or had poor quality

Today we’ll see what’s present in the all new ‘Calls Report‘ section, found under VQManager’s “call” tab.

 Calls report in VQManager

For the sake of simplicity, VQManager broadly categorizes calls as either Successful or Unsuccessful calls. Further categorization is done based

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What is being cooked @VQManager – Part I

While monitoring your VoIP set-up, two high priority areas to be tracked are QoS(Quality of Service) and Call drops. In our upcoming release, we have added two new graphs which help in quicker troubleshooting of poor call quality and call …

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VQManager 6.1.1 out!!

Hey all,

Hope things are fine and in the best of spirits.

It’s again time for good news from our side. Get ready to shed the old and embrace the new. We happily announce the release of VQManager 6.1.1,

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Europe – ManageEngine’s next door this September!

Post the H.323 release, VQManager continues to go places and this time we are accompanying a big ManageEngine team alongside dedicated ManageEngine European partners. Mark Miller’s team at VoIPPlannet and TMCnet gave us just the right beginning to our “shout-out-loud” …

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Configuration Wizard with 6.1

We’ve built you a configuration wizard that’s more than just pretty.

Configuration Wizard

This screen appears when a user logs into VQManager for the first time. All first-time users can now breeze through the steps to set up VQManager to start reporting

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Packet capture – easier now!

As we had promised, here we are with the inbuilt option to get a packet capture of your VoIP traffic for troubleshooting.

If you felt even one is more, no problemo.. Enough of the sniffer.exe… command, the option blah blah

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VQManager at NXTcomm & Cisco Live

We’ve been having a great month. The latest Beta that supports the H.323 protocol has been received well by our testers and evaluators and we now want a lot more of you to have a feel of it.

ManageEngine is

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