Why use a VoIP monitoring tool?

VQManager | June 27, 2007 | 1 min read

* With no IP telephony management tools, companies spent $1,262 per unit per year to operate the VoIP system.

* Those using tools from the IP PBX vendor spent $405 per unit per year to operate the system.

* Those who use specialty IP telephony management tools spent only $113 per unit per year in operational costs.

?The numbers speak for themselves,? says Robin Gareiss – Executive vice president and senior founding partner for Nemertes Research in this study done over 120 IT executives to estimate per unit (a unit – an end station connected to the IP telephony switches)operational costs for VoIP deployments.

Now that the ?why? to buy of VoIP monitoring is clear, can I get into the ?which? to buy? 😀

Well, here?s some plain simple advice. During your purchase do make sure YOU call the shots for it is YOUR VoIP infrastructure that is to be monitored.

Get a tool that suits your deployment:

* not too big & powerful (you may have just 50 phones while Mr. Prospective VoIP Monitor may be a 1000 phone guy),

* not some tool that just manages to recognize you have some device lying there in the network (!),

but get yourself a tool that perfectly fits your requirement and that is flexible enough to grow as your enterprise grows.