VQManager simplifies VoIP monitoring

VQManager | April 11, 2007 | 1 min read

In a research study done by Network Instruments – of 273 network engineers questioned, almost half were concerned with their ability to monitor the quality of VoIP service.

Thought 1 – is not communication infrastructure health way too important to be left to the network engineer alone?

Thought 2 – with today?s fast-paced technology changes, is it not wiser to leave technology matters to those who know best?

What is of need is a monitoring solution that updates itself pronto with the latest technology developments and at the same time be of very good usability. Any individual in the organization should comprehend the tool, get to know the latest status of the VoIP network and be able to identify bottlenecks within just a few clicks. VQManager has always been a loyalist to simplicity of its User Interface. We?re very responsive to feedback/suggestions/new feature requests evinced by both our customers & evaluators and this has resulted in a very user-friendly tool, which anyone can sit down with and get a hang of within a few minutes.

I’d like to take this chance to thank VQManager users for their inputs and urge you not to stop shooting us those suggestions & feedback ? we love working with you. We?re slogging hard over our next release (lots of pleasant surprises in store folks!) and wouldn?t you just feel proud to be a part of that.. 🙂


Team VQManager.