Sending us the log files

VQManager | April 3, 2007 | 1 min read

There has been many a time when we need users to send us log files of VQManager. This log file helps us to debug specific issues that we may not have come to know of just by the simple mail interactions.

VQManager 5.2 has in its Support tab an option that automatically generates this support information file (the log file). The ?Support File Creation? option is seen at the top of the support page together with a ?Create? button. Clicking on the ?create? button makes available the log file. You can download the created log file for your reference or send it to our support team. To send it, provide your e-mail ID, add a few comments about the nature of the problem and click on the ?Send? button. The log file together with the added notes will be sent to the VQManager support team who would happily get back to you ASAP!