See you there ? Spring 2007 VON!

VQManager | March 18, 2007 | 1 min read

Yes, our team awaits you at Booth 1249, San Jose Convention Center. Read on and make sure you know what to insist on seeing!

For us here at Team VQManager, we couldn?t have asked for a better time for the biggest event in IP communications. Two weeks ago we had released VQManager 5.2 and since have been interacting with our customers and have had lots of new enquiries on our latest release. Our team happily showed off the all more powerful 5.2 to new prospects through the many demos we had. Here are the top three VQManager favourites that were during the demos (make sure u get to see the same at the show):

?Reports: Instantaneous, powerful, customizable & very presentable!

Apart from the 6 in-built categories of reports, you can even have your own reports made with various parameters all decided by you. Makes your job even easier with reports provided to you as a PDF or even e-mailed to a given ID.

?Drill-down & Diagnosing

Found a problem with call patterns in a particular hour? ? Click on the wretched hour & identify which calls are not performing. Don?t stop there! – Go further into each call & find out what?s wrong in each call session.

?Alerts & Alarms? very useful but not when I?m sleeping or in the weekends!

Define your business and non-business hours and make sure your alarms are generated leaving you thankful rather than cursing at the naive alarm.

Can I perform an interlude here? 😆

Ladies & Gentlemen, please waste no further time . Get to Booth 1249 and experience VQManager 5.2!