VQManager 5.2 released!

VQManager | March 4, 2007 | 1 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Team VQManager had been meticulously on it; saw no clock needles; felt no fatigue?

On the 2nd of March, 2007, months of hard-work and diligence culminated in delight with the release of certainly a more powerful VQManager 5.2.

The new release saw to a wide range of enhancements and bug fixes. With many valuable suggestions from our existing clientele being seen to, VQManager 5.2 is bound to perfectly address VoIP monitoring needs.

A few of the new features:

    -Sniffer enhancements: Support for call processing in multi-VLAN networks & support for Network Address Translation (NAT).-Alarms enhancements: ?Business hours? and ?Non-business hours? filtering & alarm generation & provision for MOS Trend based alarm generation.

    -CDR processing: Support for importing directories in CDR log import and parsing of Swyx 6.0 & Tekelec 5.6 CDRs.

    -Web-Interface: Status Code based search in all call list views, setting of time zone based on user’s time zone, Bandwidth Usage Reports and Voice Quality Reports?. (Lots more!).

    -Support for running Linux as a service.

    -Scheduled DB back-up & clean-up.

There’s lots more- check out the detailed release notes and experience VQManager 5.2 through our online demo.

Download VQManager 5.2 and let us know your experience with our latest release by mailing to support[at]vqmanager[dot]com.

We thank our Beta testers, readers and our dear customers for helping us bring forth the release.

Warm regards,

Team VQManager