VoIP and Nokia!

VQManager | December 6, 2006 | 1 min read

Author: KK

World?s largest mobile handset maker is making waves in the VoIP circuit. Firstly, it launched mobile phones, which are VoIP compatible. Then came news of an offering Nokia Flexi Intelligent Service Node (ISN), which many dubbed as ?VoIP Blocker?. ISN enables the operators to manage their network and priorities the traffic in whichever way it is best suited for their business model.

Now, comes the news where Nokia and Eastern Telecom have signed a contract to deploy Next Generation Network, wherein Nokia will upgrade the fixed network with VoIP capable network.

I am confused whether Nokia is for the VoIP or against it?

Nokia has wooed every one in consumer mobile market by consistently launching feature rich mobiles (even VoIP enabled) and now it is also wooing service providers for whom VoIP is a minute stealer. By this strategy it had made sure whether VoIP is there or not Nokia will be there. Consumer loves VoIP so it has products that make them happy, Service provider hates VoIP, and again it has product that they will love.

It looks like whatever happens in this mobile VoIP war; Nokia will have the last laugh!