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VQManager | December 5, 2006 | 1 min read

Author: KK

Come December and Jeff Pulver is out with his predictions for 2007. Like last year he goes about predicting the pulse of Voice, Video, Regulations and more, but not before appraising his predictions of 2006.

Well in the midst of all this round up, Yahoo seem to have made greater push at their VoIP and partnered with VSNL Singapore Pte Ltd to use Teleglobe VoIP Link service, a fast, simple and cost effective way to bridge interoperability between VoIP networks, to terminate traffic anywhere in the world. Look for more details here

Back in India, calling UK and US may just end up like making a local call. BSNL, countries largest telecom player, is planning to launch VoIP over broadband for long distance calling, reports Economic Times

Lots of news abuzz! Even VQManager is buzzing with all-time-high downloads last month. Thanks to all our users.

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