We are not afraid of VoIP!

VQManager | December 4, 2006 | 1 min read

Author: KK

Firstly, my apologies for being out of action for so long; we had been to Kerala for a short vacation and then got busy with the new release planning. It?s still in planning stage so it will not be wise on my part to let out any details.

Lots of news hit the stands last week; what particularly interested me was a report from TeleGeography notes that 75.8% of total voice market is on switched network, while 24.2% is carried on VoIP network including 4.4% of traffic which is carried over Skype. One thing is for sure traditional telcos are not going to be afraid of VoIP for some more time to come.

My observation is that the VoIP traffic will increase once the countries like India joins the bandwagon. In India although peer-to-peer services like Skype exist, but they are not very popular. There are VoIP services like Sify?s way-to-talk which are allowed to cater to international calls only.

Moreover, the penetration of broadband is also low at present. The broadband connectivity has seen a surge in 2006. India is a real big market especially because of its sheer size and also because of the number of immigrants from India to other parts of world. The numbers of immigrants are fast increasing.

The VoIP party is going to rock in India, until unless the government decides to play a spoilsport

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