Author: KK

VQManager has pre build reports, which helps the administrators to get various reports just by click of the mouse. We wanted to add more reports and we asked our users ?What more reports would you like have in VQManager?? We got varied response and we realized it would be extremely difficult to match all the needs. We faced a difficult question on what report request should be included in VQManager 5.1.

This was when the “Custom reports” idea was born. That?s right, the new VQManager 5.1 will feature custom reports that will suffice all your reporting needs. The Custom report can be generated for specific URL or IP address. You also have freedom to track either the initiator or the participant or even both of them. You can also generate reports based on MOS and Call Status and even the duration of report generation can be customized. And that?s not all; you can create as many reports profiles you want and can also save it. So everyday you just need to click on the specific report link and your can see fresh reports.

By this way VQManager lets you create your own reports by specifying the parameters you need; once a report profile is created these reports are automatically generated as if they are just off the shelf.