We are evolving!

VQManager | October 30, 2006 | 1 min read

Author: KK

We have heard it many times; there are no success stories without problems. VQManager also faced some challenges, but we have evolved and that?s how!

VQManager generates reports from RTCP data streams, which is sent by most of the SIP phones. But then, we found few instances where many administrators didn?t enable the RTCP packet generation in their IP phone or few phones never supported RTCP. So it became impossible for VQManager to generate reports.

What are we doing to rectify it? The upcoming VQManager 5.1 comes with a feature wherein administrators can turn on the VQManager to generate reports based on RTP packets. VQManager can be configured to generate reports on the basis of the RTP data streams. This option can be disabled when all the endpoints in your network sends suitable RTCP packets. VQManager processes the RTCP data stream when all the endpoints support it; otherwise it calculates the QoS metrics using RTP data streams.

So, if the endpoint does not support RTCP or if you are not sure if they send RTCP packets, it is best to have this (RTP) option enabled.

VQManager faced another issue – VQManager was not able to recognize calls originating in VLAN set up.

The new VQManager 5.1 has capability to recognize the calls, which originate from VLAN network. We included an option for Administrator to enter the filtering string (UDP||VLAN) that will enable VQManager to recognize calls coming from UDP or VLAN. Although by default the VQManager is configured to recognize both UDP and VLAN, administrators have a choice to redefine it to recognize either UDP or VLAN.

These are just few instances on how VQManager is evolving. We will keep it going because we know -Its this evolution that will put us to top!