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​Singapore Emerges as Center of South East Asian Operations for ManageEngine



​The early morning sun infused with a hint of rain marked the beginning of our maiden customer conference in Singapore.

This being my first visit to the country, I decided to make the most of it by venturing into unknown streets and capture some of the local moments. As a child, I had read and heard wonderful things about this city, especially about its massive infrastructure and welcoming, multi-cultural society. It was a great experience to see it live, finally!

From the super-fast Internet connection (Singapore is among the top 10 nations in terms of Internet speed) to the widely-connected public transport, the variety of delicious cuisines, and the breathtaking architecture that would leave you spell…

OpManager Launches Android App with Built-in QR Code Scanner

OpManager Android App


Gone are the days when you carried your laptop inside data centers to fish out faulty devices. The latest OpManager Android app with its built-in QR code scanner now helps you locate the faulty devices by delivering all the required data to your finger tips, literally! The app not only makes your life easy, but also helps you monitor your data center’s performance from anywhere, at anytime.

The app is absolutely free and you can download it from Play Store.


​With the OpManager Android App, you can:

  • View the availability and performance of managed devices
  • View and add notes to alarms raised
  • Troubleshoot faults by using ping, traceroute, and IT workflow
  • Create custom dashb

Windows Phone Support Added to Desktop Central’s MDM Menu

Windows Phone Support

Mobile devices are an integral part of today’s enterprises. And, Windows phones are gaining traction in many ​organizations. Therefore, it’s essential to manage them to keep corporate data safe. If  IT teams were to manage these devices manually, it would be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. However, teams that adopt Desktop Central can ensure hassle-free device management.


Desktop Central provides the following features that simplify Windows phone management to a great extent:

  • Supported OS – Window 8.0 and Windows 8.1
  • Profile configuration – Configure policy framework to provide device access
  •  Asset tracking – Track device details at a granul

Find Computers Based on Operating System


As Microsoft rolls through its operating systems, the company continually stops support for older operating systems. This means that organizations are forced to pay a premium for support or upgrade to a newer operating system. With some organizations having thousands or tens of thousands of computers, it is hard to know exactly which computers are running which operating system.

Microsoft has provided some solutions to this challenge, such as PowerShell and some other scripts that will query each computer and report back what the current operating system is. The drawback to this type of solution is that the result is just a list of computers and their operating systems. Ideally, you would want to perf…

ServiceDesk Plus Is a “Godsend” for IT, Says Who?




​​At ServiceDesk Plus, we love hearing from happy customers like Leroy Squires, who believes ServiceDesk Plus is a ​​”godsend.”

​Leroy works at Unisource Worldwide, Inc., a well-known logistics company, as its senior technical analyst and one of the five administrators who uses ServiceDesk Plus to manage the company’s globally distributed IT infrastructure with a team of 200 technicians.

In the following video, ​Leroy shares his experience with ServiceDesk Plus and highlights the two main benefits it delivers - simplicity and ease of use. Leroy also explains how affordable ServiceDesk Plus is compared w…

Salute the “Lord of the Links” on World SysAdmin Appreciation Day


While you get a pat on your back, they disappear in the shadows of the server rack.
While the office celebrates your success, they never claim their part in it.
While you are hailed a hero, no one recognizes the ones behind the scenes.

They willingly accommodate 24 X 7 X 365 schedules so that you enjoy flexi-hours.
They forego celebrations so that you don’t miss your share of family time.
They are at your beck and call and are your true day savers.
They sometimes are super humans, and you call them your SysAdmins.

It’s that time of the year when we thank them for their outstanding support.
It’s time to appreciate and recognize their efforts.
It’s time to salute the “Lords of the Links…

Find and Delete “Never Used” User Accounts


Every Active Directory installation has one common issue. Every installation has one or more users that were created for a project, new employee, returning employee, and the like; but the user account was never used. These users should be cleaned up as they pose a threat to the overall security of the environment.

I know, “pose an overall threat to the environment” seems a bit severe. However, I truly believe this, and these are the reasons why:

  1. Most organizations use the same password for new user accounts, knowing the user will be forced to change the password on next logon. However, if the user account was never used, it could be used as an attack account at any time.
  2. Most organizations place new user acco

​A Mobile Workforce Needs a Mobile Service Desk


By 2015, the number of mobile workers in the world will reach 1.3 billion, according to a recent IDG Connect study. A similar Cisco study found that three out of five workers say they don’t need to be in the office to be productive. The fact is that workers don’t want to be tied to their desktops anymore. And they don’t need to be, nor should they be. Work is now something you do, not a place you go. And for many people, location doesn’t really matter – in a hotel, on a plane, at home, or in a favourite cafe. In a world where people strive for greater freedom and a better work-life balance, the mobile workforce trend is here to stay.​

SDP On the go

The need for support doesn’t stop at the office doo

Success Story: Automating Critical Network Operations Across 300 Locations for World’s Leading News Agency


Imagine the IT division of a large news agency that provides real-time news to its subscribers – including print and electronic media in over 100 countries – on a 24×7 basis. The agency relies on its IT infrastructure spread across 300 locations to effectively deliver the news as it happens, via internal and external websites, wireless services, and other interactive applications.


Business continuity for this news agency depends solely on network availability, and even a few minutes of outage could have a rippling effect on its reputation and revenue stream. The agency’s network administration team is responsible for not only managing the hundreds of switches, routers, firewalls, and …

MIND INfotech, a CMM Level 5 Company, Adopts Desktop Central to Manage 6,500 Systems


Do your organization’s site engineers use heterogeneous tools for system troubleshooting, managing assets, and performing routine desktop management tasks? ​Are your IT admins always running from one desktop or workstation to another, deploying software applications or performing other tasks requested by users?

mindThat’s exactly what the IT team at MIND INfotech, a leading Indian IT company and CMM level 5 organization, was doing until they adopted Desktop Central. ​Check out the case study that details how Desktop Central simplified the management of diverse array of assets at MIND INfotech.

In a nutshell, ​monitoring and managing 6500 systems mad…

​Unveiling Your Active Directory Delegations


Ever since Microsoft released Active Directory in 2000, there has been an option referred to as “delegation.” The term is pretty familiar now, but then it was a bit confusing. For Active Directory admins and designers, it was one of the major reasons to move to Active Directory from nearly any other directory operating system. Fast forward nearly 15 years and delegation – the term and technology – is the same. Nothing has changed with delegation, which in this case is not a good thing.

Delegation is the ability for the domain administrator to grant a non-domain administrator the ability to control a portion of the Active Directory environment. This control could be as large as creating user accounts …

Join Our SysAdmin Day 2014 Celebrations


Thank You, Sysadmin

Sysadmin Day is coming and ManageEngine is all set to make it special this year! Almost always, we lose track of the relentless effort sysadmins make behind the scenes to ensure that our jobs are easy. We’ve remained oblivious to their hard work and take them for granted. That said, let’s skip to the part where we can do something about it and finally express our appreciation!

At ManageEngine, we’ve made a commitment to thank as many sysadmins as possible every year on this big day. In the last couple of years, we encouraged IT users to thank their sysadmins by nominating them for a contest. And this year, too, we’re asking you to thank your sysadmins by entering a contest.

To join us in than…