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Advanced System ​Tools from ServiceDesk Plus

Advanced System ​Tools from ServiceDesk Plus

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Juggling between help desk and desktop management tools and pacing the length and breadth of your organization to troubleshoot could soon be a thing of the past! Because the latest add-on tool from ServiceDesk Plus will enable you to schedule planned maintenance tasks from a central location. Here’s a snapshot of the tools and the advantages they bring you.


Remote Control: With the advanced remote control tool, you can access any computer remotely. In just a single click, you can access desktops and transfer files between them. You can install .exe files to test applications on multiple user systems, saving time and effort.


Session Recording: You can monitor trouble shooting activities to ensur

Combat Advanced Cyber Attacks With Shared Security Intelligence

Combat Advanced Cyber Attacks With Shared Security Intelligence

(Originally published in Cyber Defense Magazine, Black Hat special edition)


​In this information age, even the mightiest of enterprises and governments across the globe are worried about cyber-attacks. Not a single day passes by without a story about a hack or a compromise or an identity theft involving data related to a large number of users. Cyber security is increasingly becoming complex, and cyber-attacks have truly emerged a global crisis.

An analysis of some of the recent high profile breaches reveals that the threat landscape is rapidly evolving into a more dangerous ground with highly targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) leading the way.


ServiceDesk Plus Is a “Godsend” for IT, Says Who?

ServiceDesk Plus Is a “Godsend” for IT, Says Who?



​​At ServiceDesk Plus, we love hearing from happy customers like Leroy Squires, who believes ServiceDesk Plus is a ​​”godsend.”

​Leroy works at Unisource Worldwide, Inc., a well-known logistics company, as its senior technical analyst and one of the five administrators who uses ServiceDesk Plus to manage the company’s globally distributed IT infrastructure with a team of 200 technicians.

In the following video, ​Leroy shares his experience with ServiceDesk Plus and highlights the two main benefits it delivers - simplicity and ease of use. Leroy also explains how affordable ServiceDesk Plus is compared w…

Social IT in the Enterprise: Getting Past the Hype

Social IT has generated a lot of hype over the last few years but many organizations have been left wondering how to turn the grand theory into practice – in a way that delivers tangible results for the business. People know what social media is; they just don’t know how to transfer the principles of social media into the world of IT operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase IT customer satisfaction.
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Start at the top
The trick with social IT (as with any new technology) is to start with what you want to achieve. That means taking a top-down view of the challenges you are facing and examining how social IT principles and tools can help you face those challenges. You have to have a good understandin…

Free Webinar: Active Directory Monitoring and Auditing Like Never Before!


Do you struggle with monitoring and tracking of Active Directory changes? Do you want to monitor Active Directory changes but have given up due to the complexity? 

Microsoft provides some very detailed tracking capabilities in Active Directory by using auditing and advanced auditing. These technologies are not new in concept, but some of the details are radical and new to most admins. Setting up auditing and advanced auditing can be very tricky and not 100-percent clear. Then, after you have events being logged, you must manually sift through the logs to find what you want. Tracking down an individual event can be like searching for a needle in a haystack …if the event is even still in the log t

Code Spaces AWS Security Breach: A Sad Reminder of the Importance of Cloud Environment Password Management



In the recently concluded Black Hat USA, 2014, one of the topics that drew much attention was the session on the pitfalls in cloud environment security. Normally, such deliberations at security conferences are perceived as hypothetical or purely academic. However, it was different this year with security professionals becoming quite interested in this topic. The reason for this is quite obvious – just a while ago,, a code-hosting and collaboration platform went out of business for a whole day because hackers gained access to their Amazon EC2 control panel and deleted data of hundreds of their customers.

According to Code Spaces, the worst security breach started off as …

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Best IT Help Desk


7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Best IT Help ​Desk

An IT help desk ensures seamless end-user experience by centralizing and automating service management processes. The right IT help desk improves productivity, guarantees end-user satisfaction, cuts costs, and aligns IT with business. Here are the seven questions you must ask when choosing an IT help desk for your organization.

Cloud or on-premise?

A cloud-based help desk requires less capital, can be deployed quickly, assures hassle-free upgrades, and provides scalabilityOn the other hand, on-premise models provide better control over data security and software. The cloud-based model is suited for small companies, whereas the on-premise model is well-suited to

ADManager Plus: How to Modify Exchange’s Outgoing Mail Attachment Size


The project is tight. Time is of the essence. Reports must be completed and reviewed by end of day. Sue, the lead on the project, attempts to send an email only to receive an error message indicating that her attachment is too large. The issue is not just with Sue. Every member of the team will be sending emails with attachments that are much larger than Sue’s.  A call is made to IT, with urgency and panic.

What will you do if you are in IT? There are over 50 people working on the project. There is no time to consider a script or to download freeware that will complete your task. And you don’t have time to manually change the outgoing email attachment size on 50 users.

Me? I would just go to ADManager Plus, sele

10 Key Steps to Align IT with Your Business


Have you ever felt your car pull to the left or right when you wanted to go straight?  You’d immediately know that the wheels must be realigned. Now, if your business were your car, your IT is undoubtedly the wheels.  So if your business starts to underperform, it may be time to check your IT and business alignment.

Align IT with Your Business

Here are 10 key steps to aligning your IT and business and straightening things out.

  1. Have a dynamic CIO: You need a CIO who collaborates with top executives, analyzes market data and trends, and strategizes for the future. The CIO must invest in the right technologies that will power your company to win in the marketplace. This will help transform the way your company does busin

Got WiFi? Free App Helps You Meet Basic User Need


Did you hear the one about the teacher who asks a group of students to name something they need but can’t see or feel? The hip-hop loving, smart-gadgets sporting, what’s-apping generation answer in unison, “WiFi.” Increasingly, WiFi is becoming indispensable and, apparently, a candidate for inclusion in Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs.


Mobility has altered the way we do business. The lines between work, home, and social life are fading fast. Businesses must therefore be diligent in deploying and managing WiFi networks as more and more people rely on connectivity to get work done.

There is just this one problem, though. WiFi is everywhere but …

IT360: The Unified Monitoring Solution You Can Now Evaluate in the Cloud


Does this happen to you?

Evaluate your monitoring tool on the cloud

We often hear a scenario like that from people like you who want to evaluate IT360 but are unable to procure a server to run it, which prevents them from evaluating the product in a timely manner. So we’re eliminating this bottleneck for you and making it easier to evaluate our solution.

IT360, our unified monitoring software, is now available on the cloud for free evaluation. That’s right: we host it while you evaluate it.

So what do you get with the ​cloud-based evaluation of IT360?

We are providing a hosted instance of the IT360 Professional Edition for the evaluation. We have also provided a simulated environment to configure and monitor a few network devices, services…

​ADAudit Plus Updated Release: ​Real-Time, Continuous Auditing of Active Directory Changes


Do you have changes that are occurring in Active Directory that you want to be made aware of immediately? I know you do! When I say immediately, I don’t mean in the next 3 to 5 minutes. I mean right now.

And right now, ADAudit Plus can give you that immediate awareness thanks to a process based on Microsoft technology that Windows servers understand. ​The technology take advantage of an API designed for event viewer, which has been available for quite a while. The technology uses a pull subscription model in which each domain controller sends a signal to the centralized server when there are events registered that match the ADAP query criteria.

The ADAudit Plus server, which is the collect…