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Achieving Data Center Agility With Converged Infrastructure



Most enterprises rely on their data centers to offer services to internal and external users. Important concerns for any data center today include the following:

  • Faster provisioning of new services to meet sudden business demands
  • Scaling existing services without affecting users
  • Optimizing resources for reduced power and energy costs
  • Achieving service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Reducing management complexities
  • Reducing energy costs

Provisioning and Scaling Services

Data centers must be more agile to meet growing business needs. The conventional infrastructure is very rigid and takes a lot of time for both provisioning and expansion. Each and every service delivered to users involves intense net…

Solving a Cyber Crime Case Like Sherlock Holmes

Solving a Cyber Crime Case like Sherlock Holmes

Solving a Cyber Crime Case like Sherlock HolmesIT security managers lay a lot of emphasis on conducting log forensics investigations. According to the SANS 2013 Digital Forensics Survey, 57% of the respondents said that they conduct forensic investigations to “find and investigate incidents as they are occurring” and 75% of the respondents said they conduct forensic investigations to “find and investigate incidents after the fact”. Detecting the activity of hackers is never easy. Enterprises may have the best of network security solutions to detect network anomalies and threats, but critical resources still continue to get compromised.

All IT security managers have to put themselves in the shoes of Mr. Sherlock Holmes to solve cyber cri…

ManageEngine Unveils Revamped Web UI for ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

SDP_New Look


In the life of a help desk technician, every second can matter. Those valuable seconds are often determined by three main drivers of the help desk interface: appearance, usability and functionality. ManageEngine has equipped ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand with a revamped UI that is thoughtfully built around those three driving factors to provide the best-in-class help desk experience.


New and unique functionality can power up a help desk and push it to the next level. The revamped ServiceDesk Plus UI incorporates a set of game-changing features that improve business productivity. Multi-level or nested business rules give you fine-grain control over workflow

Tracking Administrative Group Modifications


Security of elevated privileged access is becoming more and more important with every Active Directory installation. Attacks are going to happen and ensuring you know who has privileged access will help reduce the overall effectiveness of these attacks. Microsoft auditing can help you track every change that occurs to to groups that provide privileged access; however, the key is finding a solution that helps you simplify the tracking of such changes. Also, knowing which groups have elevated privileges is going to be crucial in your attempt to track such groups.

To help you discover the groups that have elevated privileges,  as well as discover a better way to sift through the voluminous data created b

ServiceDesk Plus Now Brings Advanced Analytics


This holiday season, we bring you good news: ServiceDesk Plus is now integrated with Zoho Reports. This integration will empower you to analyze and generate advanced reports on IT service desk data. Zoho Reports is an online business intelligence and reporting platform from With more than half a million satisfied users, Zoho Reports makes for an excellent reporting tool. Now, with this integration, you can import data from ServiceDesk Plus and mine for useful information.

As IT managers and their teams fight IT fires every day, the effort required to analyze service desk data becomes additional overhead. And technicians have to write complex scripts/queries to generate the right reports. Not

Windows Desktop Naming Convention Unveiled


I was sitting in an interview in Dubai, UAE, discussing the finer points of Active Directory, provisioning users, user life cycle management, monitoring AD changes, recovering from AD changes, etc. During our conversation, we got onto the issue of Windows desktops and the history of Microsoft and the desktop. We noticed that there is a distinct pattern of good and not-so-good (OK, in some cases AWFUL) operating systems. We noticed a “leap frog” factor in Microsoft’s delivery of good and bad desktops.

Windows 95/98 – Good
Windows ME Bad
Windows NT Workstation – Bad
Windows 2000 Professional – Good
Windows XP Professional – Good
Windows Vista – Bad
Windows 7 – Good
Windows 8 – Bad

5 Steps to Successfully Implement an IT SLA


IT SLA-blog

Every IT manager aspires to improve performance, accelerate incident response times, reduce system downtime, and simultaneously cut service costs in his or her IT support operations. Now, if you are in the pursuit of similar goals, then look no further than an IT SLA.

An IT SLA – or IT service level agreement – is a contract between IT support and an end user within the same organization. Typically, IT SLAs establish a clear understanding of service parameters by defining the services extended, the quality standards that must be adhered to, and the timelines within which the services must be delivered. Operational level agreements (OLAs) and underpinning contracts (UCs) are agreements that the IT supp

Securing Active Directory Delegations Challenge

I have a challenge for you this week! After all, everyone loves a challenge. This one is to verify that your Active Directory is secure and to show you how to verify your security in the future.
To take the challenge, click on the link below and answer a few questions. First, you must answer the questions regarding the delegations of your Active Directory structure. After you answer them, please go verify your settings and report back your findings.

AD Admins: Are you prepared for the worst?


One of Aesop’s greatest fables, titled ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’, teaches us a priceless lesson for life – it is best to be prepared for the future. While the grasshopper makes merry dancing and singing during summer, the ant diligently stashes away every bit of food it can save. Come winter, the grasshopper finds itself starving to death while the ant survives on the food it had stored during summer. 

Sadly, this valuable lesson tends to be easily overlooked in an organizational environment. Active Directory is used by more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Day in and day out, the Active Directory environment is managed impeccably with great control and ease. Yet, when the tim

ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus Is Now PinkVERIFY-Certified



It’s been a great year for ServiceDesk Plus. We made it to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the second time in a row. And, today, we are glad to announce that ServiceDesk Plus is PinkVERIFY-certified. The PinkVERIFY program is an internationally recognized  IT service management (ITSM) toolsuite assessment service from Pink Elephant, a global leader in ITIL consulting,education, and conferences. ServiceDesk Plus, ManageEngine’s flagship product, is now certified for ITIL® V3 compatibility for incident management.

What is PinkVERIFY?

PinkVERIFY is the world’s only independent IT service management (ITSM) tool certification program that helps organizations identify the best tool