Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most business-critical services in an enterprise’s IT. It acts as a central warehouse for large volumes of business data hosted primarily for internal collaborations among employees.

 With an increasing number of employees around the world working remotely due to COVID-19, it is a huge challenge for organizations to ensure there are no hiccups in the use of SharePoint. Any performance malfunction in your SharePoint environment can adversely impact business continuity, and employee productivity.

It is crucial for SharePoint administrators to monitor their SharePoint environment to uncover any operational obstacles and respond promptly with remediation measures. To start, SharePoint administrators should have answers to the following questions:

  •  Are there any service health discrepancies in a tenant’s associated features?
  •  If any service is degraded, what could be its root cause and the scope of its impact?
  •  Are there any connection failures associated with a particular SharePoint resource?
  •  What is the storage space available for each tenant?

 SharePoint administrators can get these key questions answered if they have a comprehensive understanding of their SharePoint environment.

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