The camel and data storage

Author: NFA

I remember a small story, it goes like this…

There were 2 camels (a mother and her child) in a zoo. The conversation between the two was;

Child: why do we have a hump in our back

Mom: …

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IP address in Application Mapping

There has been a lot of requests for associating IP address in the Application Mapping. Currently we only allow applications to be defined based on port and protocol.

We are bringing in this feature in our next release, but would …

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What would YOU like to see in NFA 6

We released NFA 5 about 10 days back and these releases are followed by a week or so of low activitiy levels where nothing much happens. We were determined not to let this happen this time. We wanted to have …

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NFA just got slimmer

We just made it easier for you to download NetFlow Analyzer. The product size of NetFlow Analyzer 5 is about 4.5 MB lesser than that of the earlier version.

As a bandwidth monitoring tool, the last thing we want to …

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Do we need a blog

[ <b>Currently:</b> Listening to Led Zeppelin ]<br />I was just starting to wonder if we REALLY NEEDED a blog. After a brief meeting of the Aye-sayers and the Nay-sayers we were no closer to a decision. In our team, we …

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