What would YOU like to see in NFA 6

We released NFA 5 about 10 days back and these releases are followed by a week or so of low activitiy levels where nothing much happens. We were determined not to let this happen this time. We wanted to have …

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NFA just got slimmer

We just made it easier for you to download NetFlow Analyzer. The product size of NetFlow Analyzer 5 is about 4.5 MB lesser than that of the earlier version.

As a bandwidth monitoring tool, the last thing we want to …

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Do we need a blog

[ <b>Currently:</b> Listening to Led Zeppelin ]<br />I was just starting to wonder if we REALLY NEEDED a blog. After a brief meeting of the Aye-sayers and the Nay-sayers we were no closer to a decision. In our team, we …

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