Firstly, our many thanks to all those who willingly came forward to try this new release. We really appreciate it. We would only strongly recommend all those who haven’t tried it yet to do so now & here – and help us give you a solid version through our General Release.

The week that went by saw us at the NFA team with lotta mails from many of you folks on the EA flavor(mostly on NBAR). The number of people downloading our EA version is increasing with the passing of each day. The NFA Team is very glad to know that many of you have been awaiting NBAR for quite sometime now. we are very pleased to offer you this.

Although we put the product through weeks of rigourous testing, your usage of our product in real time help us to know about the various issues we missed by. We are readily acting on them – especially as most issues / user concerns are around NBAR, we have accorded it top priority.

Its our earnest desire to see that the time to release is shortened and we roll out the product at the earliest possible. Till then , bear with us please…


Couple of you had queries related to the need for SNMP write community. SNMP write community is needed only for enabling / disabling NBAR on the interfaces. For checking NBAR status of the interfaces, SNMP write community is not needed.

Also, some of you have reported that “sh ip nbar protocol-discovery” gives data in router but NetFlow Anlayzer says that router does not support NBAR. The reason is, for SNMP data collection the router should support CISCO-NBAR-PROTOCOL-DISOCVERY mib. Please go through the following forum post for more details.
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Some times getting the values for supported protocol list failed and it stopped the SNMP data collection. This issue has been fixed now.

For any further clarifications and personalized assistance do shoot a mail to, as always 😀


The NFA Team