Success Story: Password Manager Pro helps leading supply chain management solution provider bolster the security of IT infrastructure

The IT department of GoFrugal Technologies, which specializes in retail, retail distribution and supply chain management solutions, found it challenging to properly maintain the proliferating administrative passwords of these IT systems. 

While security systems are in place to guard the infrastructure against …

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The 15 most massive data breaches: An interesting analysis by Focus

Time and again, we have been highlighting several incidents of cyber-attacks on the IT infrastructure of many enterprises across the globe. An interesting analysis by FOCUS ( ) provides an excellent summary of the 15 most massive data breaches

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The wolf in sheep's clothing often goes unnoticed. We help trace, thwart and combat!

Insider Threats

The biggest threat to the information security of your enterprise might be germinating inside, right at your organization!  The business and reputation of some of the world’s mightiest organizations have been shattered in the past by a handful of malicious

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Embezzlement incident at Wipro: Insider Threats & Stricter Internal Controls to the Fore Again

If media reports on the alleged embezzlement by an employee at Wipro are to be believed, insider threat seems to be emerging the biggest challenge for the IT companies.

In the Wipro incident, it is alleged that the fraudster, a …

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Use of hard-coded credentials, a dangerous programming error: CWE


For applications and scripts in your infrastructure that communicate with other applications using a password, the normal practice is to hard-code the password in a configuration file or a script. To explain further, for Application-to-Application or Application-to-Database communication that

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A New Year's Resolution to Protect Your Data & Business

Bidding adieu to 2009, the old year and a brand new 2010 is at the doorsteps.

It is again that time of the year when we would reflect on the past and make some resolutions hoping to do better in …

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Are you worried about security breaches & identity thefts?

Shocking stories of security incidents and identity thefts of various kinds worry you? Read our article on ‘Combating Cyber Security Threats’ in Express Computer:

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

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Information Security, the biggest challenge before Indian Enterprises: Survey

Reputed marketing firm IDC (India) Ltd has come out with a survey whose results should serve as an eye opener for all enterprises. The survey was commissioned by security solutions provider Symantec India.

The survey reveals that:

  1. About 80 per

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Combating Cyber Security Threats – ManageEngine Password Manager Pro Advisory


Of late, cyber-criminal activities across the globe have assumed such grave proportions that all enterprises – big and small, are exposed to security breaches and identity thefts of various kinds. Many sabotage were found to have been caused by …

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