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Subject: Interview Tactics in Times of Recession

Recession has a lighter side too!! The above is just one of the many gags on recession that seem to be doing the rounds. Be it the media or the web or just a casual talk with a friend, everyone seems to be taking a dig at the recession “thingy”(that’s what one of my friend’s called it).

While many see a lighter side, companies offering cloud-based services are seeing a brighter side to recession. Being less expensive, faster and as capable as the traditional software package models cloud-based services are increasingly gaining popularity.

Enterprises who are surviving the economic crisis have tightened their leash on IT spending.With reduced budgets and emphasis on savings, they are turning to cloud-based services such as OpManager On-Demand.

ManageEngine’s OpManager On-Demand is a hosted remote network and server monitoring solution that allows you to monitor your networks in real-time. With hosted services like OpManager On-Demand, enterprises do not have to deploy additional infrastructure or maintain software, as it is all taken care of by the company offering the service.

So what’s not to like about a cloud-based service? It reduces costs, saves you time, as you can get started almost immediately, no maintenance is required and is also very affordably priced. Seems like moving to the cloud is a wise thing to do in times of recession.

Although the security of data for cloud-based services is a much debated topic, the lower costs and ease-of-use offered by them is a very feasible proposition for enterprises, especially with the economic recession. Currently, they are turning out to be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise bleak economic environment.