Save-Go Green

OnDemand | April 6, 2009 | 2 min read
What would you think of when you hear the word save? With the current economic recession it would either be money or your job, very relevant options considering the times. But you would face a bigger risk if your save options do not include the “environment”.
This was posted by Al Gore in his blog:
“We will eventually emerge from the financial crisis, although mistakes in management can affect its depth and duration. However, mistakes in managing the risks of the  climate crisis may be irreversible.”
With global warming being declared a massive threat we will have to act now and act fast to save the environment before its too late.
Studies have shown that industries, IT included, contribute quite significantly(almost 60%)to global warming with greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption being the main causes. Industries are being urged to follow eco-friendly practices and many of them are doing their bit for saving the environment by taking the green turn.
The IT sector has also started to look greener with many companies turning to green computing. Big players like Microsoft have invested millions of dollars into environmentally friendly, or environmentally sound, technologies.
ManageEngine too gives you the opportunity to go green with OpManager On-Demand, a hosted remote network and monitoring service that  allows you 24×7 access to your network and from anywhere across the globe.
The “in thing” in the green trend for IT nowadays is “cloud computing.” A good option for enterprises that are looking to go green and also save.
By moving their IT management to the cloud, enterprises do not have to worry about setting up their own special infrastructure to manage their network. And from a business perspective there is quite a bit of cost-saving involved, starting with lower investments on computer systems, maintenance and management to a slash in electricity costs, which for most enterprises will be a blessing in disguise, also paving the way to tread the green path.
To sum it up going green not only benefits the environment  but also business interests of enterprises as well.
Have you jumped onto the green bandwagon yet?