IT360: The Unified Monitoring Solution You Can Now Evaluate in the Cloud

Does this happen to you?

Evaluate your monitoring tool on the cloud

We often hear a scenario like that from people like you who want to evaluate IT360 but are unable to procure a server to run it, which prevents them from evaluating the product in a …

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Who said monitoring tools can’t score a perfect 10?

A ‘Perfect 10.’ What do you associate this with? Is it the symbol of perfection? Soccer has an obsession with the number; it has appeared on the jerseys of stars that include Pelé, Maradona and Messi. A score of 10, …

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How to Respond to IT Issues in Real Time

“IT has always been viewed as a 24/7 organization, but we haven’t had the tools to be a 24/7 organization,” said Raj Sabhlok, President of ManageEngine, in his presentation, “Becoming  Real-Time IT Organization” at the 2013 ManageEngine User Conference in …

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This Week’s Five: The Changing Role of CIOs

This Week’s Five is the column where we bring to you a collection of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic every week. This week, we are exploring the changing role of Chief Information Officers

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If Big Data’s too scary, try Little Data (it’s free)

Here are some stats that will blow your mind: Every minute of every day, 48 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube, Google receives over 2 million queries, over 100,000 tweets are sent and nearly 600 new websites are …

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Log Monitoring and Network Operations

Imagine every event occurring in the network/devices is recorded in real time, including the abnormal events. What else would you want? Obviously, a convenient way to scan through this information or capture the relevant ones online. This leads to monitoring …

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Why you need to integrate IT operations and IT service management

In a previous article, I wrote about the need for application-aware network performance management (AA-NPM) tools. With tools that can manage the entire range of infrastructure and applications, we can manage the delivery of services more effectively and responsively—which is …

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ManageEngine IT360 integrates further

Well, imagine you have a monitoring tool that has the capability to monitor network devices, servers, applications, databases, bandwidth monitoring along with an ITIL Help Desk. Something is still missing here, right? What if you had a host of storage …

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5 Reasons You Should Consider Application-Aware Network Performance Management

In today’s complex business environment, the first question thoughtful IT leaders ask when
considering any new IT investment or change is, ‘How will it impact the business?’ That the
business depends on well-managed IT is well understood. What is less 

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